Markham Music Festival

Gala Concert and Award Ceremony 2017

Through the generous supported of TD Canada Group, Euromusic Centre and Steinway Piano Gallery Toronto, the 22nd Markham Music Festival was a resounding success. Dedicated to the advancement of music studies, this year the festival which ran between March 17 and April 2, 2017 attracted over 700 entries not only from Markham, but also greater Toronto, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, and Mississauga, Whitby, Ontario. The forum provided young pianists with an opportunity to showcase their artistry as well as receive professional assessments to guide improvement. The Festival not only encourages and rewards excellence, but brings music and people together in a unique cultural experience in Markham.

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The three adjudicators are all highly respected musicians. We were fortunate to have Mr. Ronald Tomarelli, Mr. Eldon Ng, and Ms. Wendy Potter, all members of the College of Examiners of the Royal Conservatory of Music as our adjudicators. They offered their expert evaluations and shared with us their musical knowledge and experience. The performers were phenomenal and the results extremely remarkable. Many young promising talents were discovered and acknowledged.

We were extremely proud to have the eminent Professor Lee Kum Sing of the faculty of music of the University of British Columbia as our Honorary Chairman. His address to all the participants was inspirational and motivating on the true value of a festival, that is, a celebration of music in all its dimensions. It was exactly the kind of philosophy that the Markham Music Festival seeks to encourage. Enthusiastic audience packed the concert hall everyday and night, appreciating and applauding every performer.

Markham Music Festival Gala Concert and Awards ceremony took place on April 16, 2017 Sunday 1:30pm at the Flato Markham Theatre. There were over 20 honoured guests participated including our presenting sponsor TD Canada Trust branch manager Michelle Eecloo to present awards to about 150 winners who were chosen from 90 classes. Our 2017 Grand Champion was 17-year-old Rui Gao, who was awarded scholarship sponsored by TD Canada Group and 2 return tickets to U.S. sponsored by Toureast Holidays. The Steinway Trophy went to two bright new stars, Aaron Dou and Anthony Vandikas. Antian Jiang was the receipt of the Boston Trophy. David Gao was the recipient of the Essex Trophy, and Amelie Zhang was awarded Concerto Trophy. Jarmin Weng, Edward Soler and Hao Lin Li successfully captured the Sonatina Trophy and the Sonata Trophy respectively. The Bach Trophy was awarded to Richard Yeh and the Chopin Trophy was awarded to Ricker Choi. Vanessa Yu won the French Music Trophy, and Olga Gostieujeva, Ella Xu, David Zhang, Nelson Siu presented with the Most Promising Trophy. Adjudicator’s Choice winner went to Adam Wojdecki, and the winner of the Wittner Trophy was Gregory Vandikas. There were many gold and silver medallions, scholarships, trophies, and gifts galore awarded to the various winners. Our sponsors included TD Canada Group, Toureast Holidays, Sing Tao Daily, Locher Evers International, Reusse Properties, Farley Wong, Global Maxfin Capital Inc., GH Bilt-in Security Systems Ltd. etc and our Festival’s official choice of piano is exclusively Steinway & Sons.

We like to extend our gratitude to all the supportive parents who through rain, snow and sleet brought their young musicians to participate in this meaningful event. Furthermore, to all the piano teachers who have assiduously prepared their students to a high standard of performance. Many thanks to all our dedicated volunteers who have contributed their precious gift of time and very friendly and able assistance. The Markham Music Festival is unthinkable without all these support.

Honour Roll of MMF 2017

Markham Music Festival Trophy Rui Gao
Steinway Trophy Aaron Dou, Anthony Vandikas
Boston Trophy Antian Jiang
Essex Trophy David Gao
Concerto Trophy Amelie Zhang
Sonata Trophy Edward Soler, Hao Lin Li
Sonatina Trophy Jarmin Weng
Bach Trophy Richard Yeh
Chopin Trophy Ricker Choi
Fench Music Trophy Vanessa Yu
Most Promising Trophy Olga Gostieujeva, Ella Xu, David Zhang, Nelson Siu
Adjudicator's Choice Adam Wojdecki
Wittner Trophy Gregory Vandikas
Artists Rui Gao (1st)
Antian Jiang (2nd)
Aaron Dou (3rd)
Anthony Vandikas (3rd)
Concerto Award (8 years & under) Ella Xu (1st), Candence Ding (2nd)
Concerto Award (10 years & under) Antian Jiang(1st), Jarmin Weng(2nd)
Concerto Award (16 years & under) Amelie Zhang(1st), Yi Ling Soh (2nd)
Age Achievement Award (8 years & under) Ella Xu (1st)
Age Achievement Award (10 years & under) David Zheng (1st), Jarmin Weng (2nd), Edward Soler (3rd), Yu Hei Lai (3rd)
Age Achievement Award (12 years & under) David Gao (1st)
Age Achievement Award (14 years & under) Vanessa Yu (1st), Olga Gostioujeva (2nd)
Age Achievement Award (16 years & under) Aaron Dou (1st), Gregory Vandikas(2nd)
Age Achievement Award (18 years & under) Benjamin Choo (1st), Antian Jiang (2nd)
Age Achievement Award (Open) Anthony Vandikas
Class Achievement Award (Level 1) Isabella Lu
Class Achievement Award (Grade 6) Ryan Paul Wong
Class Achievement Award (Grade 8) Andy Wang
Class Achievement Award (Grade 9) Sagnik Som
Class Achievement Award (Grade 10) David Gao

Gold and Silver Medallion Winners

Class 0 – Anna Liu

Class 1 – Isabella Lu (G)

Class 2 – Holly Huang (G)

Class 3 – Jeffrey Lin (G)

Class 4 – Anna Zou (G)

Class 5 – Maggie Li (G)

Class 7 – Sophia Jin (G), Caius Xie (S)

Class 8 – Evelyn Zagula (G), Julia Hadala (S)

Class 10 – Maggie Li (G), Sean Chen (S)

Class 11 – Xiu Yuan Shi (G)

Class 12 – Shohei Hayakawa (G)

Class 13 – Kaiden Leung (G), Treasure Zhou (G)

Class 14 – Ryan Paul Wong (G)

Class 16 – Issac Lo (G), Ryan Paul Wong (S)

Class 17 – Debora Wang (G)

Class 18 – Ellie Sievers (G)

Class 19 – Polina Chernik (G), Addison Wong (S)

Class 20 – Sophie Tam (G), Yui Sum Lai (S)

Class 21 – Andy Wang (G)

Class 22 – Yui Sum Lai (G), Andy Wang (S)

Class 23 – Jethro Wong (G), Andy Wang (S)

Class 24 – Qi Yuan Tran (G)

Class 25 – Rena Liu (G)

Class 26 – Nelson Siu (G)

Class 27 – Jude Lobo (G)

Class 28 – Derrick Cui (G)

Class 29 – David Gao (G), Derrick Cui (S)

Class 30 – Thomas Liu (G)

Class 31 – Olga Gostioujeva (G), Gregory Vandikas(S)

Class 32 – Kristopher Chan (G)

Class 33 – Ruth-Anne Santos (G)

Class 34 – Jarmin Weng (G)

Class 35 – Sarah Zhou (G)

Class 36 – Ryan Paul Wong (G)

Class 37 – Richard Ding (G)

Class 38 – Ella Xu (G)

Class 39 – Qi Yuan Tran (G)

Class 40 – Edward Soler(G), Hao Lin Li(G)

Class 41 – Richard Yeh (G), Ethan Hu (S)

Class 42 – Vincent Han (G)

Class 43 – Jarmin Weng (G)

Class 44 – David Zhang (G), David Gao (S)

Hao Lin Li (B)

Class 45 – Richard Yeh (G)

Class 46 – Harry Zhao (G)

Class 47 – Sagnik Som (G)

Class 48 – David Gao (G)

Class 49 – Ricker Choi (G), Richard Yeh (S)

George Chen (B), Andrew Liu (B)

Class 51 – Isabella Lu (G)

Class 52 – Yu Xiang Wei (G)

Class 53 – Nelson Siu (G)

Class 54 – Harrison Vandikas (G)

Class 55 – Sagnik Som (G)

Class 58 – Harrison Vandikas(G), Mr. Vandikas(G)

Class 59 – Idan Landa (G), Elizabeth Pogrebetsky (G)

Class 60 – Natalie Yu (G), Ben Chernin (G)

Jina Zhou (S), Xinde Ye (S)

Class 61 – Eric Zhang (G) , Christina Miao (G)

Class 62 – Vanessa Yu (G) , Cheryl Xing (G)

Class 63 – Leah Lobo (G), Jude Lobo (G)

Class 76 – Yuri Huang (G)

Class 77 – Teddy Artyukhov (G)

Class 78 – Sophia Ding (G)

Class 79 – Michelle Chou (G)

Class 80 – Olivia Zhen (G)

Class 81 – Ryan Paul Wong (G)

Class 82 – Michelle Blank (G)

Class 83 – Andy Wang (G)

Class 84 – Emily Zhang (G)

Class 85 – Kristie Chow (G)

Class 86 – Anthony Vandikas (G), Gregory Vandikas (S)

Class 88 – Emma Lee (G)

Class 89 – Nelson Siu (G)